1 Download the “Welltiss Mind” app from Google Play or the Apple Store.

2 Use the supplied USB cable in the box and charge Welltiss Mind device for 1 hour.

3 Turn the device on with a gentle press of the button. The device will beep once to indicate that it is on.

4 Insert the device into the headband and place it on the head so that the module is on the back.

5 Open the app and select one of the therapy programs (Improve Sleep, Stress Relief, Meditate, Concentrate) and configure it to your needs (switch between Day/Night modes and choose the Duration with the slider).

6 When ready, press “Start.” The device will beep twice.

7 Then just relax and let Welltiss Mind work its magic!

8 You reset the Welltiss Mind device with a 5-second push of a button.

9 When the program stops in Day mode, the device will beep three times. At the end of program in Night mode, there will be no beep.

Important note: The device runs autonomously (you can turn off Bluetooth or phone since you need the app just for starting the desired program). But you need the app for starting the program.



It is important to have appropriate medical care first, so discuss with your health care professional prior to relying solely on Welltiss Mind or other forms of PEMF therapy. The following are counterindications to using Welltiss Mind Mind or any PEMF therapy device:

  • Pregnancy
  • Pacemakers, implanted pain modulators, insulin delivery systems or defibrillators
  • Epilepsy
  • Myasthenia gravis
  • Conditions with active bleeding
  • Hyperthyroidism, adrenal gland, hypothalamic and hypophyseal/pituitary dysfunctions
  • Active tuberculosis, acute viral diseases
  • Malignancies (even in remission)
  • Psychosis
  • Severe systemic mycotic diseases
  • Severe organic atherosclerosis
  • Excessive menstruation


If you have any questions regarding the product, delivery and other facts, we recommend you to check our FAQ section below, where we’ve posted some of the most frequently asked questions. Nevertheless we are happy to get in contact with you, so if you have any questions about anything, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Why is Welltiss Mind a headband?

Low frequency electromagnetic pulses that Welltiss Mind produces penetrate through the body. However, the intensity decreases as the distance grows from the target area: the brain. That’s why we designed Welltiss Mind as a headband.

What to do if Bluetooth keeps disconnecting?

The following are a few troubleshooting measures:

  • Ensure Bluetooth enabled devices are not too close together.
  • Switch your Wi-Fi router to a different bandwidth.
  • Try not using multiple Bluetooth devices at once.
  • Devices may have reset causing security issues, so reinstall those devices.
  • Check transmitter sensors or antenna for damage or corrosion.
  • Ensure there are no metal objects interfering with Bluetooth signal.
What happens if the device doesn't beep?

This probably means that the battery is empty, so charge it by using the provided micro USB cable.

How to reset my device?

To reset the device, press and hold the button for about 5 seconds.

Does Welltiss Mind work with iOS and Android?

Yes. Welltiss Mind works with both iOS and Android.

Where can I download the application?

The application is available both in Google Play and the Apple Store.

Do I have to pay for the app?

The Welltiss Mind application is absolutely free.

What devices are compatible with Welltiss Mind?

Most smart phones are compatible with Welltiss Mind.

How can I tell that it’s on and working?

The electromagnetic pulses produced by Welltiss Mind have no physical sensation on the skin, which is one of the reasons it’s so non-invasive, comfortable and easy to use regularly. With the app running, the Welltiss Mind is working. The app is designed to tell you if there is a problem and the product is not functioning.

What technology does Welltiss Mind use?

It uses PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) technology that naturally changes the predominant brain speed pattern. Our bodies are electrical and chemical: every heartbeat generates electromagnetic pulses that chemically stimulate tissues and cells. Welltiss Mind encourages the brain to produce a certain rhythm that best suits the state of mind you’d like to be in, with the use of low frequency electromagnetic stimulation.

Uh, what’s PEMF technology, again?

Brain frequencies are produced by masses of neurons communicating with each other, changing according to what we are doing or feeling. Different brain frequencies result in different states of mind.

PEMF technology uses very weak electro-magnetic impulses in extra-low frequencies, to encourage our mind to work at a speed we choose, to best perform the task at hand. In the same way that meditating along with the rhythmic sound of drums, gong therapy and steady flashing lights all transport you into a state of thoughtfulness and transcendence, PEMF can guide your mood.

Do I need to be at a certain place to use Welltiss Mind?

Not at all. You can use it anywhere. All you need is a smart phone to choose the working mode.

Can the Welltiss Mind improve my general health?

Absolutely! Welltiss Mind can help reduce stress, improve concentration and aid sleeping.

Can I expedite the treatment?

All healing processes require a healthy body with a proper diet and nutrition, including calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium. Taking supplements and adequate amounts of daily water may help improve health while using Welltiss.

How does Welltiss Mind influence my body?

Welltiss Mind produces low frequency electromagnetic pulses that gently encourage your brain waves to join in with the chosen frequency of the pulses. With regular use, your brain will quickly synchronize with your chosen state of mind, thanks to Welltiss Mind acting as an intermediary.

Will I feel the effects right away?

We recommend regular use for at least a week, at which point you will certainly notice a difference. The brain takes a bit of time and practice to synchronize with the pulses produced by Welltiss Mind. Once your brain has been trained to sync with Welltiss Mind, you should feel results immediately and regularly when using it.

Accordion Panel

Our technology is based on carefully-selected low frequency stimulation that is non-invasive, natural, and does not create electro smog. No worries.

Is Welltiss Mind recommended by health professionals?

Yes, it is. Although Welltiss Mind is not a medical device, and does not substitute for medical advice or doctor’s appointments, health professionals endorse Welltiss Mind and believe that it contributes to better overall health, primarily through decreasing stress, increasing concentration and improving sleep.

Is Welltiss Mind FDA approved?

Welltiss Mind was not submitted for FDA approval since it is a health wellness product, not a medical instrument. Welltiss Mind uses PEMF therapy, which has been proven for its effectiveness and safety through years of research and studies and is a component of FDA-approved treatments.

Who should NOT use PEMF therapy?

We do not recommend Welltiss to those who are: pregnant, have pacemakers, use implanted pain modulators, insulin delivery system, defibrillators or have other health concerns. Speak to your healthcare professional prior to use. Please see the counterindications.



Welltiss Mind’s free mobile application works in tandem with our PEMF hardware. The device runs autonomously (you can turn off Bluetooth or mobile phone since you need the app just for starting the desired program). But you need the app for starting the program.



Welltiss Mind’s free mobile application works in tandem with our PEMF hardware. The device runs autonomously (you can turn off Bluetooth or mobile phone since you need the app just for starting the desired program). But you need the app for starting the program.

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Welltiss Mind

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